College is like getting thrown into an ocean and turning into a mermaid.  You don’t know how to swim and you don’t know anything that’s around you.  There’s so much unfamiliarity and this takes time getting used to.  Freshman year you have to get used to sharing a room with someone, being responsible for waking up on time and going to your classes.  You’re in a new world and high school feels like a faded memory… unless you decide to do band.












The band family in college doesn’t change a bit.  From day one of band camp my freshman year at ASU, everything felt familiar.  The feeling you have playing music with your peers in high school will come back and hit you when playing in a college band ensemble.  On my first game day as a Marching Mountaineer during our game day concert, I will never forget crying from being overcome with emotion after playing a song called Tennessee Waltz.  There is a trumpet solo throughout the song and it reminded me of the emotion I felt listening to our beginning trumpet solo during my last competition as a Marching Blackhawk.  I realized that even though I’m away from home, undertaking new responsibilities and making new friends, at the end of the day I have a band family here, as I always have.


Now, 2 years later, throughout the different activities and clubs I have gone through and tried, band has been the only thing I have consistently stuck with.  I’m feeling even more nostalgia as a section leader of the piccolo section and it has been an amazing part of my college experience.  These past two years though, I’ve been able to be myself while at the same time changing a good bit.  Band reminds me of who I am, while college has taken me in many different directions.  I’ve changed majors, found new passions and have truly figured out what I care about most in this world; but the whole way through, band has kept me grounded.

By Lindsey Guilliams