Are you a new Band Parent? There’s definitely a learning curve to know what’s going on and what to do. I have learned from the 6 years I have had with two children coming through the Blackhawk Band program:

  • There are band fees due for each student participating, depending on what parts of the band program they are involved in. Info will be shared at band registration early each summer.
  • A stadium seat is desired, as sitting for hours on a stadium bench can be uncomfortable.
  • At football games, sit in the section next to the Band so you can hear them and proudly watch the kids perform the fight song, etc.
  • Parades the band participates in typically begin at NBMS or Tractor Supply area, and come down Main Street Weaverville, and end at Weaverville Elementary school.
  • At band competitions, it’s fun to sit near a group of other NB band parents. Cheering for our band coming from a large group of NB Band Boosters is louder and more exciting. Also, bring sunblock, shade hat, sunglasses, water and snacks. Layers of clothing if it’s an all-day event. And don’t forget your stadium seat!
  • Make sure to get Band Booster apparel, offered by preorders at the beginning of marching band season. It’s fun and appropriate to wear the fan apparel to football games, band competitions and at band fundraising events.
  • There are many volunteer opportunities available as a band booster, all year round. It really takes a village! And you can spend time around the Band students, getting to know this talented group, and their parents.

I’m pretty sure there are other band parents who have more they could add, but I feel this is a good start for any new band parent.