The National Association for Music Education

“Making All-National band isn’t something that simply just happens. It takes hours of practice, tons of determination, and a strong will  to succeed in what your striving for. I spent hours upon hours repeatedly playing scales, sight reading page after page of various  rhythms, and playing a solo so much that it is still engraved in my head to this day, just to get me to the point where I could audition. If  you mix the hours of practice time, my abundance of soccer practices, dance rehearsals, hours of homework, studying, and the  concussion(!) I just happened to get the night before I recorded my audition, you get a pretty stressful situation. I somehow managed to  survive it all and send in my audition, and when I received the email stating that I made the honor band.  All the practice and work  suddenly seemed to pay off. On October 24th I will drive to Nashville, Tennessee, and begin rehearsing with the 2015 NAFME All-  National concert band to prepare for our concert on the 27th.  I am beyond excited to be able to play surrounded by people from all  across the country who share the same passion for music that I do. While I’m sure it will be intimidating, I am extremely honored to be  able to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The following is a perspective from Kayla Guilliams upon making All-National Concert Band!