So You Want To Do Band?

Great choice, welcome to the Blackhawk Band Family! Our band program started officially in 1959 and has  seen thousands of students come through. Many of them just play for fun, because they love music, and some of them go on to be music teachers or even play in symphony orchestras. Being in band is more than just playing the instrument you or your teachers told you to play, and showing up for rehearsals, its about  leadership, being part of a team, and making something so powerful that it can bring us laugh or cry. Being a musician is a special job. Think of any important event; weddings, funerals, presidential inaugurations, sporting events, they all have music to tie them together. Can you imagine a sporting event or wedding with no music!  BORING. Our program will help you not only learn music but also assist you in other parts of school. Music students score higher on SAT, ACT and all standardized tests compared to non-music students. We learn how to read, and count in band as well as collaborate with peers. Playing a musical instrument can also help you get scholarships to college, as many universities need people to play in marching and concert bands and will give scholarships to merely play your instrument! The Blackhawk Band is a large family and can help you through the North Buncombe system as well as through life.