The North Buncombe Blackhawk Band

North Buncombe High School is proud to foster a music program which strives to mold its students not only into talented musicians, but responsible young adults who aspire to become involved in a community rich in the cultural arts.

We are proud to be led by an alumnus by the NBHS music program. #GoBlackhawks

Need Volunteers to Bring in the Money THURSDAY!

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We still need volunteers THIS THURSDAY for the Cole Swindell, Chris Janson and Lauren Alaina concert at US Cellular Center. NEEDED: 1 alcohol pourer and 2 food preparers. Click here now to sign up.

We need all posts on April 21 for the String Cheese concert as well. Sign up here.

Did you know? Selling concessions is a lively and fun way to get in your volunteer hours, meet new band parents, and, critically, raise needed cash for our bandprogram!

US Cellular concessions account for 36% of the total fundraising income budget. If we lose this income opportunity, will you be able to plan an event or work something else that will raise $12,000? Or are you prepared to see a band fee of $1000 or more next year?

Other organizations ask us all the time: “How did you get the US Cellular gig? We want in!” It is a Blackhawk Band secret, and we want to keep it that way! But we need to fill the volunteer slots or we are at risk of losing this connection and money. We simply cannot stress enough, this would be devastating to our budget and bandprogram. It will take A LOT more work to generate this amount of income!

Everyone, please sign up to do one or two of these events each year.


Band Concert Friday, March 16

musical notes

Next band concert: Friday, March 16 at 7:00pm.
6:00pm report and dress. Listen for more details in band class and watch for Remind from Mr. Bordeman.


MPA Schedule – March 20

MPA for both bands will be on Tuesday, March 20 at Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva, NC.

NOTICE: Band members will need to wear their black bibs and marching shoes(or comparable black shoes if you weren’t in the marching band). We will provide a black t-shirt and tuxedo uniform top. Mark your calendars to bring/wear proper attire to school March 20!

The Concert Band will load and depart by 8:30am. We’ll stop somewhere in Sylva for breakfast around 10:00 (bring cash), perform around noon and be back at NBHS around 2:15. Boosters providing pizza. The Wind Ensemble will depart for Sylva as soon as the Concert Band returns. Please eat a good lunch and bring a snack. We are scheduled to perform around 5:00 and expect to depart by 6:00. We’ll stop for dinner (bring cash) and be back at NBHS around 8:00.


Normandy Speaker Returns to NBHS – Sunday, March 18. All Are Invited to Attend!

Victor Finegold Normandy Veteran

Not just Normandy news — we want to invite EVERYONE to this special event! Some of you attended the public talk last November when Victor Finegold, a veteran of WWII, shared some of his experiences as military personnel in the days leading up to D-Day, June 6, 1944. His story is unfinished.

The Normandy Committee is proud to announce that Mr. Finegold is coming back to speak on Sunday, March 18 from 2:00 – 4:00pm in the NBHS auditorium.This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from a veteran who experienced first-hand this historical event. Come hear him recount his experience of D-Day in Normandy. All students (not just band), families, and the public are invited.

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All-State Band Honors

Congratulations to the Blackhawks who earned a spot in the All-State band!Results are not official until Wednesday but these students made the unofficial list:
David Peebles, 1st chair trumpet
Sam Pennell, 10th chair trombone
Henry Swift, 3rd chair horn
Lily Buckner, 7th chair horn
Owen Gast, 8th chair trombone

They will be traveling to UNC-Chapel Hill for a three day clinic May 4-6.


High School Musical

Sign-ups for the school musical are up and chairs are filling up fast. The rehearsal and performance schedule are posted in the band room along with print copies available for student to take home. This year’s musical is Bye Bye Birdie and should be a lot of fun!


Hospitality for Our Teachers

Please help show appreciation and support to our NBHS teachers! During the week of class registration, each school booster group will feed the teachers for one evening. The band boosters have Tuesday March 20 and will provide food for about 50 people.

We know band families are great at food! We will need a good variety of entrees, sides, and desserts. Can you help? Please contact Pam Thomas, Hospitality Chair, at email or call at 828-768-3997 to let her know what you will provide or if you have questions.

The food will need to be delivered before 4:15pm in the band room. Please place a label with your name on it and showing it is for the teachers. If you need to make different arrangements for drop off, please let Pam know.

Also, since Pam Thomas is graduating out of the Boosters at the end of this year, we’re recruiting for a new Hospitality Chair. There are two events left this year that she will lead. It’s a great training opportunity for anyone interested in learning the ropes so you can get her wisdom and tips before she leaves! Contact Pam to learn more about the Hospitality role.


Calling for All Khakis… Return Your Shorts!


Khaki shorts need to be returned pronto please!
If you see your name on the alphabetical (last name) list below, you still need to return your shorts soon to avoid a fine. Please put them in the collection box in the band room.
Abranches, Devin; Aiken, Rachel; Barlow, Hope; Benigno, Maria; Bennet, Rowan; Best, Takyus; Buckner, Abram; Buckner, Eva; Calloway, Jacob; Carter, Hana; Carter, Jake; Chandler, Hannah; Chiavaras, Gryffon; Christian, Kaylee; Cooley, Peighton; Cox , Corbin; Cutshall, Emily; Diaz-Rodriguez, Francisco; Garland Allison; Garland, Parker; Gast, Owen; Gomez, Erik; Grant, Grace; Hamilton, Hayley; Hammond, Katherine; Hawkins, Abigail; Hernandez, Dolce; Higgins, Blair; Honeycutt, Chelsey; Ingle, Aubrey; Kraemer, Daniel; Manske, Stella; Miles, Caleb; Mudry, Allie; Neuenkirchen, Matthius; Nix, Ben; Noah, Logan; Norris, Pruett; O’Dell, Gunner; Peebles, David; Peterson, Kippen; Ponder, Waylon; Pressley, Conor; Price, Jackson; Price, Tyler; Remington, David; Rink, Makenzie; Robinson, Bronte’; Scott, Sabastian; Shaw, Matthew; Shaw, Zach; Snuffer, Jared; Soule, Charlotte; Springston, Ruby; Stepniak, Christian; Stewart, Stefan; Thompson, Emma; Tidball, Maddison; Van Lokeren, Elizah; Waldrop, Gabriel; Wells, Molly; Whitmire, Timothy; Wilder, Chloe; Wince, Sam


Want a Promotion? Don’t Just Volunteer… Be the Coordinator!

Looking for a new title? We have one for you! We need someone to take the Volunteer Coordinator role to assure that our key money-raising opportunities exist for the Blackhawk Band next year!

This is an important but doable role that allows us to keep our valuable connection to the US Cellular Concessions gig. The Volunteer Coordinator role has a few important tasks: book the US Cellular concessions dates; create some volunteer signups; and track the hours band families volunteer. Most of the work is behind-the-scenes and on your own time. This job can easily be shared by 2-3 people, so recruit a friend and tackle it together! Please help our Blackhawk Band!


Upcoming Dates

calendar w colored pushpins

There is a lot happening this month! Check out the quick list below and see articles in newsletter for more detailed information.

Friday, March 16 at 7pm – Band concert

Sunday, March 18 at 2pm – WWII Veteran Speaker

Monday, March 19 at 7pm – Booster Meeting in the band room. OFFICER ELECTIONS for next year’s Band Booster Executive Committee will happen then! See details in article below.

Monday, March 19 – Normandy Passport Party! Watch for details in the Normandy Newsletter

Tuesday, March 20 – MPA competition at Smoky Mountain High School

Saturday, April 14 – Passport processing day. Watch for more info in Normandy Newsletter

Monday, April 16 at 7pm – Booster Meeting in the band room. BUDGET APPROVAL will occur at this meeting.

NOTE: Mars Hill Summer Band Camp registration is open! Click here for more information.


Special Notice for Band Officer Elections

Elections image

Officer elections for Band Booster Executive positions will be held at the next Booster meeting on March 19, 2018. Please plan to attend that important meeting at 7pm in the band room.

The elected officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Current Executive Committee Officers returning for next year are:
President – Ben Whitmire
Vice President – Donna Abranches
Secretary – Leah Erwin
Treasurer – Ella Vrolyk

We are taking nominations for Co-officers for each of these positions in order to provide the Booster Executive team continuity, training and reduced work load. If approved by the Executive Committee (defined in Article VI, Section 1) co-officers who shall share duties and responsibilities equally may be elected for each office.

More notes below defining the Executive Committee roles.

Boosters are also seeking standing committee volunteers for the following:
1. Membership Committee
2. Publicity Committee
3. Hospitality Committee
4. Ways and Means Committee
5. Band Operations
6. Uniform Committee
7. Logistics Committee

Please nominate yourself or a friend (or just someone you know has great skills for the band). It takes a North Buncombe Band village to run this machine! Come get on board. Contact Ben Whitmire or Leah Erwin to inquire or submit a nomination.

The Executive Committee is responsible for:
i. Budget development and adjustments
ii. Setting yearly goals and objectives
iii. Review of Bylaws
iv. Modify Program Committee responsibilities
v. Review of Lessons Learned
vi. Standard Operating Guidelines

Section 4. Duties.

(a) President.
The President is responsible for the overall well being and morale of the Corporation, and shall preside at all meetings of the membership; shall have general charge and supervision of the business of the Corporation; may sign and execute, in the name of the Corporation, all contracts or other instruments; and perform all duties incident to the office of President of a corporation; and such other duties as may be assigned by the Officers.

(b) Vice-President.
The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in the President’s absence or at the President’s request and serve as the Logistics Committee Chair.

(c) Secretary.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of membership meetings of the Corporation and of the Executive Committee; shall have charge of and be responsible for all official correspondence of the Corporation and shall maintain a record of said
correspondence; shall be custodian of the records of the Corporation; and shall
perform all duties incident to the office and such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

(d) Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible and accountable for all funds, securities, receipts and disbursements of the Corporation and shall deposit or cause to be deposited in the name of the Corporation all monies or other valuable objects in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall be selected by the Board. The Treasurer shall render to the President and to the Board, on request, an account of the financial condition of the Corporation and shall perform all duties as may be assigned by the Officers or the President. The Treasurer and check co-signer shall be bonded for an appropriate amount. Other responsibilities include the annual Oversight as defined in Article VII, Section 5.

We also need volunteers for each of the standing committees below. Some of these committees are currently chaired or co-chaired by parents of senior